Terms of Payment

Design & Development

  • 50% minimum down to commence project
  • 25% due at sign off of proofs
  • 25% (or remaining balance) due upon final sign off and completion of project.

All outstanding balances must paid in full prior to site or application being launched (activated) or other deliverables being provided to client. Pricing estimate in this proposal is valid for 45 days from date of proposal. If work has begun on the site or application within the 45-day period, pricing will be honored until the project is completed.

Small Project Updates, Changes or Modifications – ($125 – $1000)

  • 100% payment to commence work

Large Project Updates, Changes or Modifications – ($1000 & up

  • 50% minimum down to commence project
  • 50% due upon completion of work

Review by Client

Once design proofs have been signed off any major revision request may require a new proposal increasing the final project cost. Final client review will begin once the site or application has been thoroughly tested by our Q/A team, the client will be notified and will be given ten (10) business days to review and submit any items felt to be errors, irregularities or inconsistencies within the original scope of the project proposal (including any change orders). Any items within the project scope will be addressed. If no items are received, it will be assumed that the project is complete conforming to the original scope and ready for launch.


Any errors, irregularities or inconsistencies within the website or application related to the scope of the project will be addressed at no additional cost to the client. This does not include any incompatibilities that may arise from new releases of related or non-related third-party software applications (i.e. updated or new web browsers.) Costs associated with any requests outside the original project scope will be presented to the client upon request. Integration of third party applications, services, APIs or other items are not covered under this warranty. These applications are controlled by the respective third parties and any future changes that may be implemented by these organizations are out of Devs Tribe control and may render elements of the site or application which rely on the 3rd party applications, non-functional. Repairs to the site or application to accommodate these third party changes and renew functionality will be charged for on a time and materials basis.

Website Ownership

All final files, content, data, and original art become the property of the client. Devs Tribe will store all information, data, and files on our cloud drive that will be provided to the client for storage if requested by the client. Devs Tribe reserves the right to reuse any code, non-copy written graphics, or underlying technologies used to develop this site or application with no obligation to the client.


Confidential Information

Each party acknowledges that in connection with this Agreement it may receive certain confidential or proprietary technical and business information and materials of the other party, including without limitation Preliminary Works (“Confidential Information”). Each party, its agents and employees shall hold and maintain in strict confidence all Confidential Information, shall not disclose Confidential Information to any third party, and shall not use any Confidential Information except as may be necessary to perform its obligations under the Proposal except as may be required by a court or governmental authority. Notwithstanding the foregoing, Confidential Information shall not include any information that is in the public domain or becomes publicly known through no fault of the receiving party, or is otherwise properly received from a third party without an obligation of confidentiality.